Discover the power of
promotional videos…

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine a series of moving pictures and how much they will portray in just a short clip. Add music and you have a very powerful marketing tool that when combined with the audiences of sites like YouTube and Facebook could go viral in just a short space of time.

We’ve produced commercial videos for a number of businesses including manufacturers, new homes developers, hair and beauty salons, leisure centres and for local media awards ceremonies.

We have also produced in house and how to videos, so, whatever your need, we’re sure we can help.

We’ll assist you with your script and storyboard and can provide actors, professional voiceovers and royalty free music and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we produce a film that leaves a positive, lasting impact on viewers.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web?

Next time you think about blowing your advertising budget on Google Adwords campaigns think about investing in YouTube too.

If you aren’t convinced about uploading content to YouTube then at least consider embedding a YouTube Video on your website to give your page SEO a good shot at coming up in someone’s search. (We all know that Google push their own products).

Videos will also help to boost your social media content and imagine if just one of your videos were to go viral…

Tell your story online and start building a strong brand identity with animated logos and a catchy tune.
Engage with potential customers through informative videos – it can be very rewarding.